1-800-363-1222 Request a proposal

1-800-363-1222 Request a proposal

Terms and conditions


1- Carefully read our general information in the pages of our site, choose your destination and your travel dates.

2- Easter weekend, tulip week in Ottawa, the May holiday, Thursdays and Fridays in June as well as the week before the national holiday of Saint-Jean-Baptiste are busy periods. Book very early if you wish to travel during these periods.


Terms and conditions



Omnitour maintains general liability insurance of two million dollars ($ 2,000,000). Transport service providers have their own liability insurance.



The travel proposal sets out in detail what is included in your trip: transport, accommodation, meals, activities, etc. The costs presented are established according to various scenarios of a minimum number of paying participants. Once the proposal has been signed, OMNITOUR will initiate the process of booking the various elements of the trip for the dates requested. You will then receive a contract and payment schedule showing the details of your signed proposal (any previous proposal sent to you becomes null and void). The deadline for payment of the initial deposit is indicated in your payment schedule. Upon receipt of your initial deposit, OMNITOUR can complete all necessary reservations so that the dates and itinerary meet your requests.



The price of the trip is based on a minimum number of paying participants. In order for the price, itinerary and travel dates to remain unchanged, the number of participants must remain the same. If the minimum number of participants required is not met, the price and content of the trip may fluctuate. To mitigate the effects of this situation, please contact us as soon as your group size decreases. The price of the trip is only guaranteed if you stick to your payment schedule; otherwise, it could fluctuate for reasons beyond our control (increase in supplier prices or availability of seats, fuel supplements, exchange rates, etc.)



OMNITOUR reserves the right to cancel a trip without notice. If so, you will receive a full refund.



Your initial deposit is non-refundable. Any group cancellation made by the client entails penalties. Non-refundable payments made to vendors will be in addition to cancellation fees, including online payment processing fees.


Group cancellation: Trips with ground transportation

Number of days before departure Refund

61 days or more 100% refunded (less initial deposit)

Between 31 and 60 days 50% refunded (less the initial deposit)

30 days or less No refund

Group cancellation: Travel with air transport

An air trip is a trip where the journey to its destination requires at least one portion of the flight in the travel package. Please note that refunds for the air portion of your trip are subject to the airline's cancellation policies. Flights are covered by certain cancellation insurance options that we offer at the time of booking.

Number of days before departure Refund

90 days or more 100% refunded (less initial deposit)

89 to 61 days 75% refunded (less initial deposit)

Less than 61 days No refund



Any individual cancellation must be communicated in writing. It is essential that participants take out cancellation insurance to protect themselves against the loss of their payments in the event of an emergency. This protection also allows the school, if applicable, and the tour operator to avoid having to negotiate with participants who cancel and who are not insured. We urge you to carefully consider the various insurance options available. Any cancellation of a trip may affect the price of the trip for the rest of the group. Non-refundable payments by suppliers will be added to the cancellation fee. Payment of these fees does not guarantee that the price of the trip will be maintained for the rest of the group. The replacement of a participant who has canceled their trip must be approved by the school. OMNITOUR is under no obligation to negotiate a refund that does not fall under its individual cancellation policy.


Travel with ground transportation

Number of days before departure Refund

61 days or more 100% refunded (less the initial deposit and any non-refundable deposits made to suppliers)

60 days or less No refund


Travel with air transport

An air trip is a trip where the journey to its destination requires at least a portion of the flight in the travel package. Refunds for the air portion of your trip are subject to the airline's cancellation policies. Flights are covered by certain cancellation insurance options available at the time of booking. Replacing a participant who has canceled their trip will incur a processing fee of $ 200 in addition to the name change fee charged by the airline. No participant replacement will be accepted in the 30 days preceding the date of departure. The possibility of replacing one participant with another is subject to confirmation according to the policies of the airline.


Number of days before departure Refund

90 days or more 100% refunded (less initial deposit and any non-refundable deposits made to suppliers)

Less than 90 days No refund



Any portion of the trip not used is non-refundable. The customer who cancels a portion of the trip is not entitled to any form of credit or refund for the canceled portion.



OMNITOUR reserves at its sole discretion the right to modify your itinerary if, for safety reasons or for any other reason deemed necessary, the suppliers make changes to the product offered or the situation warrants it. Depending on the situation, these changes could affect the price of the trip. However, we are doing everything possible to prevent such a situation from occurring. Final route and transport: Your final route is a legal document under the terms of the Regulation respecting driving and resting hours for drivers of heavy vehicles, C-24.2, r. 28. This regulation aims to increase the safety of coach transport, which is the responsibility of both the carrier and the tour operator. Please contact us for more information on this. Adjustment of freight charges: In the event of a significant increase in the cost of fuel between the reservation and departure dates, carriers are entitled to pass the surcharges on to their customers. We have the mechanisms to verify that these increases are justified and correct. Following acceptance of the proposal, any modification applied to the exchange rate (more than 5%) and / or to the air fare or to any other supplier and / or price of fuel and / or airport taxes or others, may cause a change in the price of your package. You will be notified of the change in your fare as soon as possible and no later than 30 days before your departure. This rate change may not exceed a 7% increase in the price of the package without obtaining your authorization. On request, we can freeze the exchange rate for your trip.



If payments are not received by the due date, the price of your trip may change due to exchange rate fluctuations or may be deemed canceled by you without a refund.



Payments should be made according to your payment schedule. Special products, including show tickets, must be paid for at the time of booking. If you are unable to meet a payment due date, please contact us as soon as possible or your trip may be deemed canceled by you without a refund. Interest at the rate of 18% per annum applies to late payments. A charge of $ 50 will be charged for credit card chargebacks or bad checks.



We are required by law to inform you of the various travel insurance options. This information is provided to you in the travel proposal. The tour operator is responsible for providing this information to all travelers, or providing OMNITOUR with contact information for all travelers so that the company can distribute the information. If we do not receive travelers' contact details by the filing deadline, we will assume that you have distributed the information yourself. Check that your insurance coverage is adequate. It is essential that participants take out comprehensive insurance that covers them in all their trips abroad, including cancellation-interruption, baggage loss and full medical and dental insurance. OMNITOUR cannot be held responsible for a customer's decision not to take out insurance.



Participants with special needs must present a statement signed by a physician indicating that they are fit to participate in the trip and that they can move around without assistance. It is the responsibility of the tour operator to gather all necessary information regarding travelers with special needs, allergies or dietary restrictions. This information must be sent to us no later than 45 days before departure, in which case it will be communicated to our suppliers. However, OMNITOUR cannot guarantee compliance with these dietary restrictions by our suppliers, nor the absence of any allergenic substances during your trip.



Each client is fully responsible for returning the documents requested as part of the organization of his trip within the time limits prescribed by his advisor. Failure to meet deadlines can lead to payment and organizational problems. In addition, the customer is responsible for the information he communicates to OMNITOUR, whether it relates to himself or the passengers in his group, and he affirms that it is true and correct. OMNITOUR declines all responsibility for the consequences suffered by any customer who did not send the required documents on time or who sent incorrect information. Obtaining travel documents is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the participant and the school. A passport valid 6 months after the return date is required to travel. If a letter of authorization to travel is required (letter from parents or non-custodial parent), it is the sole responsibility of the participant or the school. OMNITOUR will not assume any responsibility in the event of denied boarding or refusal of transport by the carrier for failure to be in possession of the necessary travel documents. Participants are also responsible for all costs incurred at the border. Participants are strongly encouraged to consult the Government of Canada site for information on entry and exit conditions for the country or countries visited, well in advance of the date of departure (www.voyage.gc.ca).



OMNITOUR is committed to ensuring, to the extent possible, the health and safety of its travelers and employees. Although OMNITOUR and its representatives play an intermediary role between participants and carriers, hotels, restaurants and providers of other activities and services, we have no direct control over these organizations and cannot, under no circumstances, be held responsible for their errors, omissions or negligence. Any reservation made through OMNITOUR is subject to the conditions of the suppliers concerned. OMNITOUR cannot be held responsible vis-à-vis the participants or any other person for any claim, loss, damage, delay, early return or expense whatsoever arising from bodily injury, accidents, death, damage / loss of personal property, delays or inconvenience caused by a company or a person whose services have been retained by OMNITOUR. In the event of default by the supplier, for whatever reason, the participant will not be entitled to any refund but OMNITOUR will present alternative proposals. Any travel complaint must be made in writing within 14 days of the incident in question. Participants must agree to abide by the regulations established by the school, if any, before and during the trip. OMNITOUR is not responsible for the school's decision to withdraw a participant. If applicable, the participant will be refunded in accordance with our individual cancellation policy. If, during the trip, a participant does not respect the rules established by the school, if applicable, the participant's parent (s) must respect the school's decision to send the participant home without reimbursement and undertake to assume the total cost of the return.



OMNITOUR is not responsible for claims, losses, damages, costs, delays or losses of approval resulting from a case of force majeure beyond its control (labor dispute, strike, social unrest, terrorist acts, conflict, blockade, quarantine, epidemic, bad weather conditions, natural disasters, mechanical breakdown, government constraints) or any other fortuitous event beyond the control of both OMNITOUR and its suppliers. OMNITOUR is committed to doing everything in its power to correct or work around such situations. All costs arising from a situation beyond the control of OMNITOUR and which results in an extension of the stay abroad or an early return will be invoiced to the customer and payable by the latter.



This agreement is governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the province of Quebec, and each party agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial district of Quebec with respect to any claim or question arising from this agreement.