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1-800-363-1222 Request a proposal

Terms and conditions


  1. Read carefully our general information in our website pages, choose your destination and your dates.
  2. Easter weekend, tulip week in Ottawa, May Holiday (Victoria Day), Thursdays and Fridays in June and the week before National Day are busy times. Book early if you want your trip for those dates.


  1. All prices in our proposals include taxes (GST, QST, HST, and OPC 1,00$/1 000$)
  2. Your reservation is confirmed once we receive your first deposit. Following the confirmation, if modifications occur in the dates of the trip, the number of participants or the itinerary, the price could change.
  3. Terms of payment : 

Trip by coach

  • 10 % when the proposition is signed
  • 20 % 90 days before the departure
  • Final payment required 30 days before the departure

Trip by plane

  • $300/student when the proposition is signed
  • $1 000/student for the second deposit
  • The final payment required 65 days before the departure

4. Cancellation charges:

Trip by coach

  • More than 45 before departure: No charge*
  • 44 to 30 before departure : 75% refunded*
  • 29 to 15 days before the departure: 50% refunded*
  • 14 days and less before the departure: 100% of the trip is non-refundable

* In addition to the holdback, deposits and non-refundable payments to service providers will be charged. The reduction in the number of participants can also bring an additional rate increase for students remaining due to the fixed costs of the trip.

Trip by plane

  • More than 61 days before departure: Deposits for air transport will be charged as well as all other non-refundable deposits to services providers. Administration fees may apply.
  • 60 days and less before departure: 100% of the trip is non-refundable

It’s possible, depending on the airline, to change one student for another in case of cancellation: please contact your travel agent for more details.

NOTE: For international trip, a group must consist of a minimum of 10 people. If due to a cancellation, the number of passengers going to 9 people, the air group contract will be cancelled and the participants must book flight at the price for individuals, at their own expense. Any cancellation of a traveller will affect the price of the trip for the other participants. 

We also recommend travellers to be covered by travel-cancellation insurance, in order to avoid the loss of their payments in case an emergency forces them to cancel.

5. Any modifications following the confirmation of the trip such as changes to dates, to the number of participants or concerning add-ons to the itinerary will lead to administrative fees and may, therefore, lead to the cancellation of the trip by OMNITOUR and the loss of non-refundable deposits made to any providers.

6. Prices of the packages are established according to specific conditions for each trip. OMNITOUR will send you a personalised proposal according to your number of participants, your selected services and your departure dates.

7.Following the acceptance of the proposition, any changes applied to the exchange rate (more than 5%) and/or airfare or any other provider and/or fuel price and/or airport taxes or other suppliers can lead to a change in the price. You will be informed of that price change as soon as possible and at the latest 30 days before your departure. This rate change may not exceed 7% increase in the price of the package without your authorization. On request, it’s possible to freeze the exchange rate of your trip.

8.OMNITOUR holds a civil liability insurance of $2, 000, 000. Furthermore, as a holder of a travel agent permit from the Consumer Protection Bureau, customers get an additional protection covering all sums of money perceived (100%) by the agency. For trips in the United States, we suggest to subscribe to a medical insurance.


OMNITOUR and/or its representatives act only as agents and intermediaries to the carriers, hotels, restaurants, tour operators and tourism stakeholders and, therefore, cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for any negligence from these suppliers. OMNITOUR is not responsible for any claim for loss, damage, delay, injury, inconvenience, advances return date arising from accidents, delay, death and inconvenience of all kinds caused by the use of the selected transporter or for any other reason or fault, negligence or omissions on the part of tourism services providers (transportation, restaurants, visits or other tour services) and their staff. In the context of air travel, flight schedules, the type of aircraft, the airline and the itinerary are subject to change at any time, without notice and without compensation for travellers.

This non-responsibility extends to loss, damage, expenses for the modes of transport used arising from missed connections, diseases, weather, strikes, wars, quarantine or other causes that do not directly depend on OMNITOUR. OMNITOUR reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary and accommodations, change the mode of transport and even to cancel the trip before departure. In the latter case, a full refund of the payment made will be the only obligation of OMNITOUR. During the trip, luggage is the responsibility of passengers. Rates, services, fees, conditions, dates, activities and itinerary are subject to change without notice.

Each customer is responsible for providing the documents requested in organizing his trip within the delay prescribed by his travel agent. Delays not respected can cause problems of payment and organization. Clients are responsible for the information that they provide to OMNITOUR about themselves or other passengers of the group, and affirm that the information is true and accurate. OMNITOUR is not responsible for the consequences suffered by any customer who has not provided the required documents on time or has transmitted false information.

All the different packages displayed in this website are not necessarily exhaustive. Any interpretation, confirmation, authorization or commitment will be valid only by OMNITOUR's written confirmation.