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Enjoy great advantages when you travel with Omnitour

Our team is as dedicated and professional as the teacher you are. Our travel agents offer a wide range of speciality services, allowing you to enjoy a trip that is 100% customized.

Organize an unforgettable trip in 6 steps

Step 1

Choose the destination

Each destination is unique—just like the travellers who visit it. By combining the type of student tour, the interests of both the students and teacher, the group’s field of study and budget, the Omnitour team will help you select the right country, state, province or region that suits you best.

Need inspiration? Visit our student tours page.

Step 2

Build an enriching educational tour

Do you already have an idea as to your itinerary and schedule? Or, do you need help creating an amazing program that will delight your students? Omnitour’s team is dedicated to your utmost satisfaction. From visiting a destination’s must-sees to exploring its fascinating secrets, our specialists will help you design a student tour that is simply unforgettable.

Step 3

Promote the educational tour

In order to help you to attract the maximum number of participants possible, Omnitour has created posters you can download and customize.

You can also contact your representative to:

  • Organize a visit of an Omnitour expert at your school, college or university
  • Get a customized visual presentation that highlights the destination (for information sessions for parents and students)
  • Schedule activities and tasks to plan for the trip

Step 4

Collect registrations

Confirm the number of participants for your educational tour by getting students to fill out the form provided by your agent, which allows you to collect critical information and important documents, such as allergies, travel insurance, checks, copies of passports and visas, etc.

Step 5

Adjust the itinerary

Need to make changes to your student trip? No worries! Our agents can easily make changes to your trip’s dates or itinerary based on the number of participants, budget, expectations and interests. After all, you are in charge!

Step 6

And you’re off!

Take these precious moments to learn, connect with others, and broaden your horizons and those of your students. We’ll be right there with you throughout your entire journey. After all, Omnitour is committed to offering you a worry-free student trip.

Need a better glimpse into your destination? Participate in one of our Famtour!

Each year, Omnitour organizes familiarization tours so that teachers can take trips to specific destinations for future educational tours.

Participate in a Famtour

Teacher testimonials

What an unforgettable trip!

We developed a close bond with our 42 students from Secondary 5. They will always have a special place in our hearts and minds—and we’re sure they feel the same. There is a bit of you that can be found in all of this. Thank you!

Pierre-Paul Lalonde, École de la Madgeleine, La Prairie

Destination : London and Paris

A perfect and unbelievable experience

Omnitour offered an impeccable service across the board. The itinerary was extremely interesting and offered a balanced program. The drivers were friendly, the hotel was fantastic, the food was delicious, and the musical was enjoyed by all. We couldn’t have asked for a better student trip.

Sylvie Gretillat, École secondaire de Neufchâtel, Québec

Destination : Chicago

Expertise and professionalism

We are extremely satisfied! I spent some great time with my students. As teachers, we are not obliged to go on these types of trips; however, with Omnitour’s expert service, organizing educational tours is a breeze!

Yanick Tremblay, École au Jardin Bleu, Montréal

Destination : Québec City and Tadoussac

Expectations exceeded!

This trip exceeded all our expectations. There aren't enough superlatives for our gratitude to you at Omnitour! The itinerary, activities, hotels, meals, drivers, train rides were perfect. But most credit goes to our guide. He was extraordinary. It's not an easy task to lead 19 women through two provinces!.

Suzy Davis, private partner travel agency, Georgia

Destination : Ottawa, Montréal and Québec