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Important release - COVID-19


Dear teachers, dear trip planners,

Always having the interests of all of our passengers at heart, we assure you that we follow closely the latest developments in the current health situation. We visit on a regular basis the website of the Government of Canada, on which are updated the security notices concerning travels in all countries (www.voyages.gc.ca). We know that the closure of schools is causing great upheaval and much concern. It is difficult to predict the course of events, but we stay alert to respond to all requests adequately. 

Our team will be teleworking for an indefinite period. We take the current situation very seriously and have the safety and health of our employees at heart. Fortunately, our agency has started a major ecological and technological shift in recent years, which allows us to feel very well equipped in order to offer you, as usual, excellent service.

Like many, we are processing a very large volume of requests and are trying to respond to them as soon as possible. It is therefore important to remind all parents to contact directly the persons responsible for the trip at the school, so we don’t increase the number of calls we receive and the number of intermediaries. We will forward the latest information and updates to you only. We also remind you that our 24/24 emergency number is dedicated only to our current travelers on the road. For them, we must not congest this line. Your cooperation is essential.

We ask for your great patience and vigilance in order to contact us by phone for urgent situations and those requiring immediate assistance only. We ask you to prioritize contacts by email directly with your agent from Omnitour.

No matter the business relationship that unites us, you can count on our team. Despite the current extraordinary situation which may last for several more weeks, rest assured that we will do everything we can to support you in the best way possible and to ensure your greatest satisfaction. We will go through this slightly more difficult period together and are convinced that the current precautions are for the best of all. We thank you very much for your cooperation, your understanding and your patience.


Etienne Morissette

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