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To live your student tour to the fullest and take home fond memories, good planning is essential. We have prepared a few planning guides to ensure that your adventure will be unforgettable.

Omnitour’s Luggage Guide – pack wisely and travel happy!

Read our Omnitour guide on what to bring and what not to forget to have the best trip!

READ THE GUIDE (PDF - French version)


Security is of prime importance at Omnitour, and we insist that all play their role. To guarantee an enriching and memorable group experience, it is essential that each and every one respect the organizers’ and carriers’ rules, as well as all local laws and regulations at destination.

Therefore, we advise all trip participants to read the safety guide document below to become familiar with safety tips and best practices.

SAFETY GUIDE (PDF - French version)

Questions ?

Contact us for any inquiries or questions about our available destinations.


Good planning is often a student tour’s key to success. Fortunately, you can count on our exceptional skilled team, which will guide you through each step of the planning process. 

We have been organizing trips for students and teachers since 1980 and putting all our expertise to your service to ensure that your experience will be both rich and memorable.


Omnitour's manual

Planning a bus trip along the way? We have prepared this special guide for you.

CONSULT THE MANUAL (PDF - French version)

Traveling abroad

Traveling abroad? Read this personalized Omnitour guide.



With Omnitour, your child will experience an enriching journey safely. In fact, security has been our main priority since 1980. 

Our team of experienced guides know the destinations well and can be reached by phone at any hour throughout the trip. Furthermore, we select destinations and itineraries to ensure that our clients live enriching cultural experiences in a secure environment. To help your child be 100% ready for his or her adventure, you can read our travel guides that you will find in the teachers tab.

Since 1980


Omnitour started organizing tours in 1980. Our guides and security rules build on this experience, and we ask all those who travel with us to go by them.


Useful documents

Make sure that your child has all the required documents to cross the border of each country he or she will be visiting. The website travel.gc.ca gives you useful information and tips for every destinations.

The consent letter is a document that is essential to have. Consult the information about this mandatory document on the website of the Government of Canada. You will also find an example form.