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A voyage to the heart of nomadic traditions

A voyage to the heart of nomadic traditions
10 days and 8 nights

Suggested schedule

Day 1

Montreal - Ulan Bator

Day 2


Discover the capital of Mongolia

Visit the Mongolian history museum

Day 3


Khustai National Park

See the wild horses

Spend the night in a yurt camp

Day 4

Khustai - Nuur Oguy

Stroll freely

Relaxing evening at the lake

Night aboard a boat on lake

Day 5

Oguy Nuur - Karakorum - Orkhon Valley

Sukhothai Historical Park
Bike ride

Visit the city of Lampang in a horse-drawn carriage

Day 6

Orkhon Valley

Visit the monastery Tovkhon

Hike to the Orkhon waterfalls

Day 7

Orkhon Valley-Khangai

Khangai mountains

Discovery of Khangai mountains and horse riding

Relax in the Tsenkher hot water sources

Day 8

Khangai - BayanGobi - Mont Khogno Khan

Discover the Bayangobi Desert
Ride a camel

Visit the Temple of Ovgon Khiid

Day 9

Mount Khogno Khan